Visiting Body Graphics' Shops

When you come in with an idea for a tattoo, we talk it over with you. We'll step through the process and explain why we can and cannot do something for each individual and their idea / piece. We are also capable of drawing something on the spot, and have a ton of reference and flash to choose from. Through this idea, if you come in with something printed off the internet or from a book, you will most likely leave with a new and unique piece of art made just for you!

For every individual that comes through our doors with a tattoo idea or question, our artists are able to answer any questions, book appointments, help the customer locate an artist that will best fit the style that they are looking for, and give them the best service possible. Our piercers are no exception, either. Each piercer has many years experience in the field and follow the current in body piercing - giving the same Body Graphics courtesy you would expect.

For more information on what to expect before visiting a shop, go to the Body Graphics experience section.