Why Choose Body Graphics?

Choosing Body Graphics means choosing a company that cares about each individual client. We strive to give each person that walks through the door the best possible tattoo and/or body piercing.

Respect for the Clients

We take pride in our artists/piercers and the experience that they have acquired throughout their careers. While we have built up an excellent list of clients, we always continue to make time for walk-ins and treat every customer with respect - we always thinking of the client first. This idea is the most important concept to Body Graphics.

Educating Our Clients

For tattoos, we work with our clients to develop their idea and inform them of design choices (size issues/concerns, technical alteration to an original design, etc) that may affect their design. Our goal is to give you a tattoo that will stay looking clean and sharp and will last for 25+ years, instead of just taking your money without regard of the piece's vitality later on in life.

For body piercing, we look at your anatomy and make the decision as to whether or not the piercing will heal properly before we even begin to pierce. We will explain all aftercare procedures and any issues that may arise beforehand as well.